She is passionate about creating spaces where all of God's children feel welcomed and loved.

Reverend Lakesha Bradshaw Easter

The Reverend Lakesha Bradshaw Easter was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in several states across the US including Texas, Delaware, Georgia and Maryland. Born precocious, she was the child in Sunday school asking theological questions that would often get a “Hush child, don’t question God” or “Because the Bible says so”. From an early age, she knew that there was more to God, than what she saw and heard; she felt the presence of God and sought-after God diligently.

Rev. Bradshaw Easter received a degree in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. While in undergrad at CAU, Rev. Bradshaw Easter attended Hillside Chapel and Truth Center. Under the transformational leadership of the Rev. Dr. Barbara King, she began to walk more fully into her calling to “use her life as a living example of God and truth”. Gaining admission into Howard University, the Rev. Bradshaw Easter completed the Master of Divinity degree and recognized her gifts for ecumenical teaching. During her seminary education she studied abroad conducting research on “West African Religions of Ghana and Ancient Christianity in Ethiopia. Rev. Bradshaw Easter was awarded the Thomas A. and Alfie W. Fellowship for academic excellence.

Rev. Bradshaw Easter completed additional study at the world-renowned Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. A natural contemplative, she is a contributing author to “Embodied Spirits: Stories of Spiritual Directors of Color and is frequently requested to facilitate workshops, prayer groups and spiritual retreats. She is passionate about creating spaces where all of God’s children feel welcomed and loved.

Rev. Bradshaw Easter married her loving and supportive husband Keith Easter in 2015. They have two amazing toddlers who love to spend family time reading, swimming, and dancing.