Staff Members

Reverend Lakesha Bradshaw Easter


The Reverend Lakesha Bradshaw Easter was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in several states across the US including Texas, Delaware, Georgia and Maryland. Born precocious, she
was the child in Sunday school asking theological questions that would often get a “Hush child, don’t question God” or “Because the Bible says so”. From an early age, she knew that there was  more to God, than what she saw and heard; she felt the presence of God and sought-after God diligently.

Sybil wearing a white and black blouse.

Sybil King

Office Administrator

Sybil passionately uses her spiritual gifts of help and mercy to serve God’s people in all communities.  Born in a small country town and raised in a big city-she was blessed to experience both ends of spectrum.  She joins the staff at Covenant as the Office Administrator. Sybil enjoys studying the Word of God, various styles of dance movements, cooking, creating body products, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Alice Sharpe


Durham native, Avid Traveler, Reader


Shakira Bethea

Communications Administrator

Shakira curates wellness experiences that address symptoms of anxiety and depression while encouraging healthier communications. Her fascination with the effects of trauma on the human body guides her focus on the confluence between wellness and social justice. Her passion for community building drives effective communications to amplify messages of social change. She’s passionate about caring for and holding space for individuals to feel nourished by compassionate touch, intentional breath, deep reflection, and self-connection.