Covenant Presbyterian Church



Through Our Faith In The Triune God, The Mission of Covenant Presbyterian Church is to lead people to a relationship with Christ by preaching, teaching and healing.

To be a growing church, which is community-involved with ministries that touch the lives of children, teens, and adults: to be a servant church in a diverse community and to be a place where all of God’s people are loved and affirmed.

Church History

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Our mission Logo

Our mission logo holds a profound significance, encompassing a variety of elements that represent the core principles that define us.


Colors and Their Meanings:

  • Purple: The regal purple embodies divinity and spirituality, pointing to the Triune God.
  • Green: The lush green hues represent our church community, our spiritual campus, and the natural world that surrounds us. It signifies the growth and renewal that come from our shared faith and mutual support. It also highlights the heart within each of us and the impact we have beyond our church walls.
  • Brown: This rich brown color pays homage to the historical roots of our African American heritage. It stands as a foundation that honors our 136-year journey, reminding us of the strength and resilience that have shaped our congregation’s identity.

Star of Guidance:

As we gaze upon this logo, we see a star that shines brightly. It harkens back to the guiding star that led people to Jesus. This star reminds us of the light that illuminates our path and the faith that directs us in our spiritual journey.

Cross of Christianity:

The central cross within the logo serves as a powerful reminder of our Christian identity. It symbolizes the sacrifice and redemption brought forth by Christ’s crucifixion, a cornerstone of our beliefs.

Church with a Door:

This imagery encapsulates our commitment not only within these walls but also beyond them. It signifies our dedication to both the work we do within our church community and the outreach we extend to our wider community, spreading love and compassion.