Gotta Have Faith

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, one thing remains constant: the power of faith. As we gather to honor our graduates and celebrate their accomplishments, it’s essential to reflect on the profound message behind the sermon titled “Gotta Have Faith.” This powerful sermon reminds us that as disciples of Christ, we are all called to accomplish great things, and the key to unlocking our potential lies in unwavering faith. So, fasten your seat belts and embark on a captivating journey that will ignite your curiosity, strengthen your faith, and inspire you to achieve remarkable feats against all odds.

Faith Beyond Rules and Expectations:

Picture this: Jesus, the ultimate guide and teacher, called upon his disciples and bestowed upon them an extraordinary authority. He challenged them to drive out impure spirits and heal every disease and sickness. Can you imagine the immense responsibility and doubt that must have surged through their minds? Similarly, as modern-day disciples, we often find ourselves grappling with the tasks at hand, questioning our abilities. Yet, the core question remains: Why are we followers of Christ? Is it merely about conforming to a set of rules, or is it rooted in the unwavering faith that propels us forward despite our imperfections?

The Illusion of Perfect Paths:

In our pursuit of a fulfilling life, we are often fed the illusion that if we tick all the right boxes, success and contentment will automatically follow. We tell ourselves and our children, “If you just do what you’re supposed to do, everything will be okay.” However, reality paints a different picture. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life throws curve balls our way. The systems in place may impede certain individuals’ paths, hindering their happiness and participation in the so-called pursuit of happiness. But rather than dwelling on the obstacles, let us shift our focus to what Jesus proclaimed: we will accomplish great things.

Unveiling the Faith Factor:

Accomplishments are not solely the outcome of intellect or sheer hard work. They are deeply intertwined with faith. Think about it: when you glance around the room, you see accomplished individuals – graduates, parents, professors, and business owners. These achievements did not sprout solely from their intelligence or work ethic; they were nurtured by unwavering faith. The faith that sustains them during moments of doubt and resilience, when they face microaggressions and challenges that come with their unique journeys.

The Faith that Moves Mountains:

Faith has an extraordinary ability to move us forward, propelling us from one milestone to the next. We may become fixated on degrees and qualifications, but it is the faith behind those credentials that truly sustains us. It’s the faith that empowers a woman pastor to overcome barriers and fulfill her calling. It’s the faith that emboldens individuals who find themselves breaking societal norms to achieve their dreams. Faith becomes the rock upon which we build our accomplishments, even when the world questions our capabilities.

Embracing the Journey:

Let’s face it – life can be hard. We encounter numerous roadblocks, setbacks, and moments of despair. However, we are reminded time and again that our faith in God remains unshakable. When the weight of the world threatens to consume us, it is through faith that we find solace, strength, and unwavering resolve. As the sermon beautifully reminds us, we didn’t come this far by luck, intelligence, or appearances alone – we came this far by faith. As we conclude our journey through the sermon “Gotta Have Faith,” let’s embrace the power of faith within us. Let curiosity ignite within you, spurring a hunger to achieve great things

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