June Pastoral Letter

All your breath to bring you closer to Spirit.

Dear Members and Friends of Covenant,
Peace be with you!
Are you growing in Christ? Have you learned all you need to know about the Christian journey? 2 Peter 3:19 encourages us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

How do you know if you are growing spiritually without assessing your spiritual life? An unexamined spiritual life allows unattended wounds to fester and affect our faith. As we enter the 6th month of this year, I encourage you to do a spiritual checkup. That’s right, a spiritual check-up! Just like we have annual physical exams, we can also take the time annually or more frequently to examine our spiritual lives, assess where we are, and determine if we need to change to foster more profound spiritual growth.

Here are a few questions to consider:

● Do I have a growing desire to spend more time with God?

● Am I spending appropriate time praying, reading, and meditating on the Word?

● Am I loving my family and being a witness in my community?

● Do I love my neighbor the way Christ instructed?

● How do I spend my time, and does it impact my church?

Take the time to consider who you are and who God is calling you to be. Do you need to make changes in your spiritual life? Now is the perfect time to do it! Please contact me directly if you would like support in conducting a spiritual assessment.
Spiritual health and joy!
Pastor Lakesha

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