Gun Violence Awareness

Join us as we commemorate Gun Violence Awareness Day, a day that serves as a powerful platform for ministries, organizations, and grassroots groups to reaffirm their commitment towards creating a world free from the devastating impact of gun violence. This crucial occasion not only raises awareness but also pays homage to the courageous survivors who have endured the lasting effects of such violence.

Together, let’s make a visible statement by wearing the color orange on June 2, 2023. It sends a resounding message that we stand together as a community, demanding change and advocating for safer communities, where the rights of individuals to live without fear are protected. By wearing orange, we amplify the voices of survivors, honor the lives tragically lost to gun violence, and propel conversations surrounding sensible gun laws, mental health support, and community programs that foster resilience. It’s a tangible way to spark discussions, both within our immediate circles and throughout the wider society.

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