Rep. Mary Ann Black Covenant Women’s Day Speaker

Bold women were the impetus for the Women’s Day message delivered by Rep. MaryAnn Black for the Covenant Women’s Day Sunday service on April 28. The theme for the day was “Needs for Our Faith Journey…Boldness, Love, & God’s Grace.”

“You do not have to be famous or well known to be bold,” explained Rep. Black. “Bold things can be those things we can do every day.”

Rep. Black referenced women who had stood up and taken action in moments of crisis who had made a difference but said there are many ways and opportunities of all of us to be bold.

She elaborated that helping the homeless, advocating for health care, rejecting bullying and suggested other ways that we can make a difference in the lives of our fellowman. They all can require decisive action and the necessity for us to be bold. The congregation was encouraged to fight for causes that are right and just in our life journey.

Presbyterian Women Moderator Joan Brown was liturgist for the service and special music was provided by a women’s choir. Brown presented Fay Mitchell the Woman of the Year award on behalf of Presbyterian Women for her work as moderator of the Deacon Board, chair of the Evangelism Committee and her work with the children of Covenant.

At the end of the service Sarah Bell Lucas presented Rev. Delton Farmer and Mrs. Farmer a potted plant as a token of our appreciation. He expressed his gratitude and said it was appreciated and in keeping with his love of gardening.

A reception followed the service.

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