Dementia Inclusive Durham

Rev. Delton Farmer attended a conference at the Forest at Duke on November 10 hosted by Dementia Inclusive Durham, and shares the following summary of the informative meeting:

The Covenant Presbyterian Church family has felt the effects of dementia and not only stands in prayer with the families but also is concerned about how we will effectively and lovingly be a church who will offer support for the individual and caretaker affected by this illness.

Needed Information: COAACH Caregiver College (C3) – The C3 is a community-engaged and interventionbased education program designed to improve awareness, care management, and health outcomes of families impacted by Alzheimer’s, diabetes and related conditions. Church members and leaders from communities across North Carolina engage in a four-day training, inclusive of evidence-based healthy aging modules and hands-on activities.

Coming June 2019 – For more information contact Rosalind O Pugh-Scott – or (336) 285-4982

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